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SKY Agriculture X40+ Econov

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 NEW X40+ Econov In Stock. Also available for demo.

When Weighing rhymes with profitability

A recognized weighing system with double weighing frame, a 10T ultra-capacitive sensor and 4 leaf springs.

The advantages of weighing:

No more repeated flow tests!Fertilizer savings of 5 to 10%Display of weighing information in the cabin

crescent tablecloth

The 3D view = the reality of spreading

The fruit of 30 years of collaboration with IRSTEA (formerly CEMAGREF), our knowledge of the fertilizer layer is unparalleled:

Control of large widths by taking into account all the parameters of the tableclothDistribution of fertilizer according to height, width and depthThe development of the CEMIB test bench allowed us to have a 3D view of the actual fertilizer slick.



The precision of distribution much more than words…

The Epsilon System patent allows multi-covering, guaranteed optimum distribution

4 “pure” layers of fertilizer per tray:

    • Rigorous channeling of granules in two flows from the moment they are taken into the blade

Conservation of this distribution throughout the centrifugal acceleration and whatever the flow rate/haDigital technology for full recovery

  • Optimal crossing between the layers of the outward and return passages
  • Regularity of spreading in very wide widths
wide width adjustment X50+

When adjusting the “large width” becomes child’s play!

Width adjustment by “stepless” adjustable chute by modifying the feed point on the discFocus on your securityNo sprockets, plates or even blades to handle, particularly when spreading late. The working width is adjusted safely away from moving parts!

Controlling the flow rate/ha means controlling your margin

1. Oscillating flow regulator
Better than an agitator, it is self-disengaging in headlands and ends of fields!

2. Record flow rate
Up to 520 kg/min

X 40+ X 40+
Working width 12-44m(1) 12-44m(1) 12-44m(1)
Leveled hopper capacity 1900 / 2050 l 2500 / 2650 l 3000 / 3200 l
Overall width 2.70 m 2.70 m 2.98m
Useful loading width 2.31m 2.31m 2.81m
Loading height 1.23m 1.41m 1.52m
Loading depth 1.17m 1.17m 1.17m
Weight (indicative) weighing version 540kg 570kg 585kg
Payload 3000kg 3000kg 3000kg