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Mitox SELECT 43U-a Brushcutter

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£319 incl VAT

The 43U and 53U are quality brushcutters with bike handles, nylon cutting heads and 3-tooth metal blades.


The 43U and 53U are the most powerful brushcutters in the Select range, yet still retain the ease of use with starting instructions, Auto-Choke system, the 43U and 53U are ideal for more demanding tasks.


Bump-Feed cutting head
A simple feature to use, the bump-feed cutting head will spool out nylon line with a simple bump on the ground. A quicker and easier hassle-free solution to manual feed heads, as there is no need to leave the operating position to attend to the cutting head.



Easy Starting

Easy starting thanks to the effortless recoil system, with easy to follow starting instructions clearly laid out on the side cover of the engine.




Auto-Choke System

The choke control features set positions for cold and hot starting and automatically returns to idle when the throttle is pulled.



Strong Drive Shaft

Strong 26mm outer shafts and 8mm solid drive shafts ensure durability and high performance, with excellent power transfer from engine to cutter head.


Premium Engines

High performance, low emissions engines with reduced fuel consumption, increase operator comfort and reduce running costs. All compliant to the latest euro 2 engine legislation.




Anti-Vibration System

All models are fitted with extra anti-vibration measures to reduce vibration transmitted to the users hands and arms, making extended periods of use more comfortable.


Engine Mitox®
Displacement 42.7cc
Power 1.25kW
Weight 7.9kg
Vibration 4.35 m/s2
Auto Choke Yes
Trimmer Line Ø 2.4 mm
Cutter Head Auto Bump Feed
Metal Blade Yes
Harness Twin Shoulder Harness
Starting System Recoil Assist
Handle Type Bike
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Warranty 3 Year Domestic